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The Value of an Image

What is the value of a photograph? Inthe digital age, unauthorized use ofan image doesn’t seem like a big deal. It’s just pixels, right? No, it isn’t. What gives an […]


2014: Real Adventure. Real Life.

Seems it’s that time again… to review one year before beginning another. With the 2015 calendar staring at us and inspiring introspection, I marvel at what 2014 held for me […]


Connecting: Travel, Life, & Social Media

We’re all learning to navigate this modern, hyper-connected world. As a forty-something, I’m in that category of people who didn’t grow up with the internet and social media but have […]


Geowoodstock to TBEX: Where in the world is Val in Real Life?

Oh I bet you thought we fell off the map but you’re not rid of us that easily. Amidst chronicling George’s Birthday Adventure for you, we got epically busy preparing […]


Seeds of a Road Trip

So obviously I haven’t completed the tales of our last three months of adventures, but that’s because we’re so busy having them. That’s certainly a good thing. I figure I’ll […]

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