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A Jillion Miles with a Thule Roof Box

For quite a few years my trusty Subaru Forester has served as the main adventure-mobile for my explorations with Fred and George. She’s been in semi-retirement as life has moved […]


Western Adventure Road Trip Wrap-Up

I recently wrapped up another western adventure. This road trip chimed in at 31 days, 5,890 miles, and spanned 11 states, making it one of my smaller undertakings. I spent […]


Embracing My Wheelhouse…

I’ve gotten in the habit of naming my longer trips. It’s a label that makes for easy reference. Over the last few years we’ve taken on George’s Birthday Adventure, Geowoodstock […]


The Pacific Northwest Tour – Week 7

Week 7 of the Pacific Northwest tour marks the end of our journey this time around. I wish I could say it wasn’t mostly just driving but we did try […]


The Pacific Northwest Tour – Week 6

It’s now been six weeks on the road in the Pacific Northwest tour and we’ve finally made it to Canada… and started moving back eastward. What I’ve been up to… […]


The Car-Camping Guide: Road Trip Essentials

You’ve probably figured out by now that I spend a lot of time on the road. There are a great many facets to making a road trip come together and, […]


Overland Expo to TBEX: The rain in Maine… again.

So we were driving back through Maine. Again. Through torrential downpours. Again. It was a slow drive, but fortunately I’d left myself plenty of time to get from Fundy National […]


Val in Real Life vs. the Atlanta Snowpocalypse

As you know, Atlanta has been the focus of scrutiny and ridicule following the absurdity of last week’s snow-induced debacle. And, as you also know, we were right smack in […]


Overland Expo to TBEX: Of hiccups and detours…

So friends, I have at least a dozen posts in draft about the current Overland Expo to TBEX & beyond expedition, but none of them seem to be approaching completion […]


Geowoodstock to TBEX: Lessons from the road…

So I’ve finally finished the tale of last year’s Geowoodstock to TBEX expedition. Took awhile huh? It was a necessary, albeit lengthy, exercise for me to process the experience and […]


A lesson in less

It’s always amazing what you find when you clean house, even virtually. I found this little musing buried in my drafts and thought I should finally share it. I originally […]

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