Working with Val

Interested in working with Val in Real Life? Excellent. There’s a good chance I’m interested in working with you too.


Sponsored Content

Is your product or service something you think I might be interested in? Is it relevant to the sorts of things I’m already doing and writing about? Do you think it would be great if my readers knew about it? If so, I might be interested in writing content here on Val in Real Life in exchange for compensation. I’ll write what makes sense to me, I’ll be honest with my impressions, and I’ll treat my readers with the respect they deserve. I will fully disclose that the content I write is sponsored by your company. If that makes sense to you, please contact me. If not, please don’t waste your time, or mine.

Sponsored Travel

Is your destination or event a good fit for Val in Real Life? Is it the kind of place my audience would like to read about? I love to travel, to see new places, meet new people, try new things. If you are in the travel industry and would like me to visit and write about your destination, give me a shout. If I accept complimentary travel accomodations, transportation, meals, or other perks, I’ll disclose that compensation if and when I write about the trip.

Equipment Reviews

I generally try to avoid writing reviews of equipment and gear. It’s difficult to give a useful review of a piece of equipment unless I use it extensively on multiple trips, in lots of different conditions, over many months or even years. And I’m really not interested in writing cursory reviews just so that I can get free stuff. So if you offer to send me something “just to try it out” and expect a glowing endorsement, my response will be “thanks, but no thanks.” I do tend to become extremely loyal to great products and brands that have performed well for me over the long haul. If you are interested in developing a long-term endorsement relationship based on my use of your top-quality products, feel free to contact me.

Guest Content

I don’t accept payment or other compensation to publish content here on Val in Real Life that was written by other people. I won’t publish your advertorial, so please don’t ask me to.

I do occasionally offer the opportunity for other writers to share their thoughts with my readers. These are generally other bloggers who I respect and enjoy reading, people who have something important to say, and who I want to support. If you think your voice is a good fit for my readers and we haven’t crossed paths yet, please reach out.

External Content

I sometimes write things that get published other places. You can find some of that on my Beyond Val in Real Life page.

If you like my photography please visit my PhotoShelter site. I’ve got a lot more work there that isn’t here on the blog. You can even buy images as prints or digital downloads.

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