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I welcome relevant outdoor and educational businesses, organizations, and bloggers as sponsors or affiliates. Please feel free to contact me to coordinate and inquire about pricing for content services. I also happily consider appropriate press-trips as well as gear and product testing, however, please be aware I will always provide honest, unbiased reviews and supporting content.

I am also a freelance writer and photographer so I’m available for hire in those arenas as well. Again, simply contact me and I will provide pricing specific to your project.

In addition, my images are available for print as well as use in promotional materials. For a full portfolio, please visit my Flickr page and contact me for project-specific pricing.

All inquiries can be directed to me at

Sadly, it must be said for the less-than-scrupulous folks out there: Unauthorized use or copying of the material and images on this site or any other social media platform without express and written permission from Val in Real Life is prohibited. Excerpts may be used as long as credit and a link back to the original material at is used.

For more images, please visit my Flickr portfolio.


  1. Hello Val, I was guided to you by someone on a homeschool message board. I am not sure where you might be able to help best, but I will explain what we are doing and would love your thoughts. Our community has a community owned Land Trust filled with rich flora and fauna. We are looking for ways to help kids connect with this space through “nature explores” where they are guided through the space with a very knowledgeable person to really understand what they are seeing and how the ecosystem of the land trust works. This is a burgeoning idea and we are open to various forms in which such an endeavor could take. Please reply with any thoughts you might have and if you think there might be a place for your expertise in this project, or if you know of someone who might be more fitting. Thank you so much for your time and best regards to you. Tyralynn

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