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  1. Ken Schmaltz says

    Injury is part of the adventure. I’ve got a neuroma on a toe nerve needs to be removed. I’m determined to limp my way through summer, have the surgery in the fall, and be ready to fit into mountaineering and ski boots by December. One of my scrambling friends has been limping through summer on torn ankle ligaments (although that just sounds crazy). Take care of your hand! You’ll be back at camp before you know it!

    • says

      Absolutely Ken, it’s all a part of the gig. It would be nice to say it happened scaling some epic mountain rather than just closing the back of the car, though. Really, that could have happened at home just as easily. I need to make up a great story and see how far I can take it. 🙂

      Good luck with the toe. I’m actually really glad it’s my hand and not a leg injury. I can still hike with an injured hand…

  2. Raul (@ilivetotravel) says

    Sorry to hear about the ligament. Hope everything resolves itself faster than you think! But great attitude and outlook on life. I totally agree with Chekov: day-to-day life can be a grind!

    • says

      I like that quote too, Raul. Surviving the mundane is the true challenge.

      Cheers, friend!

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